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Reclaim Well-Being In Social Impact Work 

The Nourished Leader is a program designed for professionals working in sustainability, DEI, government and non-profit organizations whose long-term contribution and commitment to ‘the cause’ have left them fatigued and struggling to perform at work.  


Join us for an intimate 6-week group immersion for social impact leaders seeking the tools, frameworks, and support to forge a sustainable career while driving social change.

Resilient - Energized- Regenerative

How do social sector leaders sustain their motivation, commitment, and passion for the long haul?

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Commitment to the “mission” of social impact work – to nurturing and safeguarding the welfare of a team, organization, or specific community – should never be at the expense of a social impact leader’s own well-being. As a leader …

  • You understand that if you don’t perform, the people, the organization, and the community you serve can experience negative outcomes

  • You believe that your job is not just a ‘job’ - but a moral obligation to do one’s part to create a better and just world

  • You deserve to wake up every morning feeling nourished to contribute to positive social change without feeling that your own professional, social, and emotional needs must suffer

This program is for you if you're... 

  • Struggling to maintain a sense of identity outside of work.

  • Struggling to balance your multifaceted complex professional and personal identities at work. 

  • Overwhelmed by managing increasing levels of complexity by international and intergenerational differences.

  • Stuck in the mental cycle of working more and harder just because you’re in this line of work. 

  • Losing touch with the joy and the passion and therefore struggling to inspire and engage other inside and outside the organization.

  • Feeling rigid and hard and having a hard time opening yourself to new information that could propel the work your work forward.

  • Stopped asking questions and started becoming a defender of the status quo.

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