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A Fractal’s Journey

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Excerpt from The Shack by William P. Young:

“It was chaos in color. His eyes tried unsuccessfully to find some order in this blatant disregard for certainty. Dazzling sprays of flowers were blasted through patches of randomly planted vegetables and herbs, vegetation the likes of which Mack had never seen. It was confusing, stunning, and incredibly beautiful.”

“From above it’s a fractal…” Sarayu said over her shoulder.

Every step he [Mack] took changed whatever patterns he for an instant thought he had seen, and nothing was like it had been.

“A fractal…something considered simple and orderly that is actually composed of repeated patterns no matter how magnified. A fractal is almost infinitely complex. I love fractals, so I put them everywhere.”

“Looks like a mess to me,” said Mack.

“That IS exactly what this is—a mess. “But,” she looked back at Mack and beamed, “it’s still a fractal, too.”

A fractal is a geometric shape and can be found in nature…snowflakes, trees, mountain ranges, and clouds. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the picture of chaos. Fractal means, "never-ending pattern," ultimately from Latin fractus "interrupted, irregular," literally "broken".

For someone who is ADHD – by the world’s standards- I am amazed at the serenity, peace, focus, and clarity, I find within nature. On my hikes, surrounded by God’s creation I look and notice how it all blends! All the trees, plants, flowers - everything is scattered around me. Man has spent several lifetimes trying to associate a ‘logic’ or ‘priority’ to its distribution. From afar though one can see that in nature there is a distinctive pattern, a rhythm, and of course no one denies its beauty, nor would they call it ‘broken’. This is perhaps why I feel most at peace, and creative when surrounded by nature’s beauty. It is because it is how I describe myself, my upbringing, and this journey of life.

A fractal…somewhat complex…perhaps even messy.

It is said that we are living in unprecedented times - the world, and the way it was will never be the same again. Everything has been upended and disrupted. In this age of disruption, and distraction -Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) - surrounds us continuously. This environment, or better yet, this - chaos – takes its toll and impairs our ability to absorb information, react, decide, and ultimately thrive. But…

· What if- in the midst of all this chaos, we can find peace and tranquility, strength and energy, balance and harmony?

· What if we could gain enough clarity to choose a direction, create alignment, and establish connections leading us to purposefully engaging with others, and drive much needed social consciousness and change in your communities?

Perhaps you’re like me – overwhelmed. There so much going on, paralyzed by the mess, distracted by the many voices, angered and outraged by so many injustices, and broken systems. In the depths of your soul you would like to serve a purpose, use your skills, resources, voice – your very position as a human in this world to foster the necessary changes.

The good news is you can do it from where you are. In the midst of the mess, lies power, and wisdom and a way forward. My coaching services are a great way to be seen and heard, change something, solve a problem, make a decision, open your heart, live your purpose, become self-aware, be accountable for your actions, be witnessed, move forward, get unstuck, remove creative blocks, and more!

Remember – when looked upon closely a fractal only appears to be a mess, a state of chaos, however – working with me - we hold a space to discover and tap into your ability to become grounded, and discern your experiences as a catalyst to driving and navigating change for you and for others.

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